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Prints are unframed on 200gsm art paper and packed into a postal tube for delivery. 


Praia de Carcavelos


It is the most popular beach on the Lisbon coast, partly due to the proximity of the capital. The Carcavelos beach is famous for the quality of the surf, soft golden sand and magnificent facilities, but you can wait for the beach to fill up on weekends, especially during the bathing season. Generally, Carcavelos is recommended as the first beach to be visited while on holiday in Lisbon, due to the excellent public transport connections.


Measurements guide:

A5 - 14,8cm x 21,0cm

A4 - 21,0cm x 29,7cm

A3 - 29,7cm x 42,0cm

A2 - 42,0cm x 59,4cm

A1 - 59,4cm x 84,1cm

A0 - 84,1cm x 118,9cm